Blue Rivers - 18" Electrocuted Round End Table Set of 2

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This listing is for a set of 2 end tables and also includes the pipe legs!

Color: Blue Rivers (Chocolate Porter Stain with Blue Resin)
Further Customization: If you want to try a different color combination let us know!
Finish: Standard heat resistant and tabletop grade. With our Standard option, we use a Polyurethane finish to make your piece heat resistant. The bumps and the grooves from the electrocution are left behind. The surface is sealed and can be wiped down with a wet cloth.
Material: pine, stain, colored epoxy resin
Size of each round top: 18 inch diameter

Height of the end tables: 25 inches

What is electrocuted wood? In a safe environment, electricity is applied to each individual board. As the electricity travels down the board, a tree-like design burns into the wood. These charcoal designs are called "Lichtenberg figures", named after the physicist who first studied these patterns. Each piece is unique with natural variation in the wood grain and in the electrocution.

The metal pipe legs do come with this piece! Some assembly is required to attach the legs with screws. Let us know if you are just interested in the round tops and want to find your own legs.

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"A Great Find"

Arrived quickly, get value for the money! Very nice!
-Mford1958 Mar 2020

“Beautiful craftsmanship & looks perfect!”

“I ordered this for my son’s entry for his children. The Quality and finish of this item was far beyond my expectations!”
-Linda Feb 2020


The picture makes it look much bigger than it is… Very beautiful and unique. I love it. Thanks for the screws and anchors!
-Rebecca Feb 2020


“Exactly what I wanted.”
-Crystal Feb 2020