Custom orders


About our products

Each piece goes through a customization process. You select the style and color of your piece. Our tabletops all have a restaurant grade finish. We coat each piece with thick epoxy resin and then give it a final heat and UV resistant coating. The thick resin fills in the electrocuted areas leaving a smooth top surface easy for cleaning. If you are looking to have something unfinished, please note the electrocuted designs are burned into the wood and create deep grooves. This works great if you are a DIYer looking to finish your own piece.

How to get stared with ordering your product

You choose what you want and we make it! Fill out this form to get started. For coat racks, artwork, barstools, and end tables, if you select one of our standard sizes below, and choose your color, we can get your order started right away. Larger items, custom colors, and other requests may require a conversation through email or an in person meeting.

What to expect after I submit my order?

Depending on the scope of your request, we may be able to get your order started right away. If we give you a price, you can pay for your item in full and we will start working on it! For more customized pieces, we recommend getting us your email or setting up a meeting to talk to our sales representative. At this meeting or via email, we will give you an estimate and may ask a few more questions to help give us an idea of what you are looking for. Once you decide you want to start the project, we will send you an invoice or you can stop by our store to pay.

Custom Order Form

This form is to help us get an idea of what you want. We may reach out to you for additional details in order to get your estimate right.

    Our Standard Color Options 

    Seafoam and Kelp

    Caribbean Crustacean

    Blue Rivers

    Amber Rivers

    Coral Reef

    Cerulean Splash

    Gray Wash

    Black Sands

    Volcanic Ocean

    Chocolate Porter

    Looking for another color? Go through our color customization process with us and we can make swatches for you! Schedule a meeting with us to go down this route.

    End Table Options