DIY in Bulk – 24″ Electrocuted Boards – Wall Art, Coat Rack Base or DIY Projects


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Buy more and save. Buy up to 4 pieces in one order save on costs! These pieces are made to order and take 1-2 weeks.

1 piece @ $32
2 pieces @ $57.00
3 pieces @ $84.00
4 pieces @ $108.00

Hang up at home as artwork, or turn into a project of your own. These pieces will add some lively color wherever they will go.

Product Details:
Dimensions of an individual board: 24" x 5.5" x 0.75"
Protective Coating: Each pieces has a Satin protective finish.
Edges: Each piece has a smoothed rounded edge on the surface of the board
Color Options: Amber Ale, Chocolate Porter, Irish Red, Honey Blonde, Cerulean Splash, Seashell, Sunset, Seascape, Tawny Torte (warmer lighter brown compared to the chocolate porter)

Further customization is welcome: Send us a message, or leave a note in the order about what you want. We can make each board a different color, or add a gloss finish at no extra charge.

How to display: There is no right or wrong way to hang these pieces of art. A sawtooth (hanging hardware) can be placed on the back of each piece to hang vertical. Turn this piece into a coat rack! see for more inspiration or to see our line of electrocuted coat racks.

What is electrocuting? In a safe environment, electricity is applied to each individual board. As the electricity travels down the board, a tree-like design burns into the wood. These charcoal designs are called "Lichtenberg figures", named after the physicist who first studied these patterns.

Due to the nature of the wood and the electrocution process, the design will vary from what is seen in the main photos. We've added additional photos of what your design could look like. Please add a note or send us a message if there is a particular design you are more fond of. We'd be happy to send you a photo of your design before you place your order.

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Amber Ale, Chocolate Porter, Irish Red, Honey Blonde, Seascape, Cerulean Splash, Seashell, Sunset, Tawny Torte

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