Customizable 18″ Round Wooden End Table Top or Wall Art – Electrocuted, Stained, and Finished


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Stain Colors: Amber Ale, Irish Red, Chocolate Porter, Honey Blonde, Sunset, Seashell, Seascape, Cerulean Splash

Color schemes with colored epoxy resin filled into the electrocuted design: Volcanic Ocean (Blue Stain and Orange Resin), Citrus Grove (Green stain and orange resin), Amber Rivers, (amber stain with blue resin, Blue Rivers (brown stain and blue resin), Tropical Sunset (Orange stain with blue resin), Seafoam and Kelp (light blue stain and bronze resin), Caribbean Crustacean (Red stain with blue resin)

Further Customization: If you want to try a different color combination let us know!

Choose your finish: Thick Epoxy Resin or Standard Finish. What is the difference? Resin uses a Thick Resin Epoxy that fills in all cracks and make your piece have a smooth flat surface. This also includes a layer of polyurethane on top to make your pieces heat resistant. With our Standard option, we use a Polyurethane finish to make your piece heat resistance, but there will be bumps and grooves if your pieces has been electrocuted.

Material: pine, stain, epoxy resin
Size of each round: 18" Diameter x ~5/4" height.

Design: Electrocuted designs vary greatly due to the grain of the wood and the unpredictable nature of electricity. Let me know if you see a design style in my store that you like and I can do my best to re-create it.

What is electrocuted wood? In a safe environment, electricity is applied to each individual board. As the electricity travels down the board, a tree-like design burns into the wood. These charcoal designs are called "Lichtenberg figures", named after the physicist who first studied these patterns.

Please note legs are not included with this purchase. However, I would be happy to help you find some that match your decor. Just send me a message and we can discuss options.

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Thick Epoxy Resin, Standard

Color Scheme

Honey Blonde, Irish Red, Amber Ale, Chocolate Porter, Sunset, Seashell, Seascape, Cerulean Splash, Volcanic Ocean, Citrus Grove, Amber Rivers, Blue Rivers, Caribbean Crustacean, Tropical Sunset, Seafoam and Kelp