15″ Amber Rivers -Wall Mounted Wooden Coat Rack – with Electrocuted Design and Resin Art


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A golden yellow hue has been paired with refreshing vibrant blue. This color pairing is one of our signature designs.

Dimensions of the wood back board: 15" x 5.5"
3 Black J- Hooks
Two Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
2 Black Screws to mount on the wall
Finish: semi-gloss

What is our process?

Also knows as Lichtenberg figures, by applying a high voltage and a dangerous amperage to wood, a fractal pattern is burned into the surface. When burning is completed, the charcoal needs to be cleaned off the board through a cleansing wash. The wood is then finished with a stain and sometimes the burned fractal valleys are filled with colored epoxy to create a unique work of (functional)art every time!

After the electrocution, this piece was stained and the deep electrocuted burns were filled with a blue epoxy resin.

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