Welcome to Electrocuted Wood!

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What do we offer?

We specialize in almost anything wood…therefore we cannot create our fancy electrocuted design on your furry friend or loved ones. Aside from living beings, you can choose from a variety of items: tabletops, barstools, wall art, sit-stand desks, lazy susans, and coat racks! 

Do We offer custom made?

Yes, we do offer custom builds for the right price. Since a custom piece is an unknown adventure, we do charge for research, design time, in addition to the cost of electrocuting, coloring and finishing your piece. We will do our best up front to give you a quote.

Can You Supply Your Own Wood?

Yes! It can sometimes reduce the cost of your project when you supply your own wood although we have some requirements before you do. Your wood must be dried and it could be susceptible to warping if it didn’t have proper care. Also, when we refinish table tops, they need to be sanded down to it’s core, electrocuted, washed, epoxied, and refinished.


Electrocuted Wood is fractal burned by professionals. Please do not ever attempt to recreate anything seen on the Electrocuted Wood website or fractal burn wood on your own.

Have a large project or recurring orders?

We have experience working in the commercial environment. Either send us a purchase order or request a quote or proposal for your idea!

Can my piece remain unfinished?

Yes, we are happy to electrocute a piece and let you do the finishing touches! This is what we specialize in…our brand name after all is Electrocuted Wood. Do be aware that this wood is actually burned and there are fiery flames created when it gets electrocuted. A few things to note as we pass off our wood to you: Electrocuted patterns sometimes burn deep and the charcoal and can potentially smear onto the unfinished wood. A quick light sanding can always solve this problem. And last item to note, wood does warp after electrocuting it and giving it a good finish will prevent further warping.

How is my piece protected?

Your piece is UV protected only if it is finished with polyurethane. If you ask for one of our special finishes using polyurethane as a final coat, your piece is now beach ready! Any other finishes may not offer this same protection and direct exposure to the sunlight may lead to fading of the original color and deformations. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your piece out of direct sunlight.